Entire TOSS flow

Full support for business-critical tasks for sales, purchase, and inventory. Central control all the information for both domestic and foreign with TOSS. We promise a cost-efficient system introduction.

We can propose operation flow best fit for your company based on introduction examples with more than 6,800 companies.

Sales Modules

TOSS Sales, sales management system supports both overseas exports and domestic sales. Total support from receiving orders to sales and collection. TOSS supports operations for each business, issue invoices for overseas customers and issue bills for domestic customers.

Do you have these problems?

  • Export document creation such as invoices is dependent on the personal environment like Word or Excel.
  • Operation is overlapping. Inputting sales proceeds converted in Japanese yen to the basic system is required separate from creating invoices.
  • Difficult to manage the sales schedule and cannot project the collection schedule.
  • Unable to calculate profit for export project unit.
  • Vague order backlog manage for overseas customers.
  • Difficult to manage foreign currency collection and exchange profit and loss management.

TOSS Sales can solve all of these problems.

  1. Surprising Usability

    Prepared 2 different styles, slip input screen and document image screen. Input while viewing the actual printing image. Feels like working on a word processor. All sorts of documents are convertible to PDF or Excel files to send on e-mail. If you scan the signature information in advance, a signature image can be attached.

  2. Configurable Document Layout

    Different information is required to register on the documents for various destinations or customers. Document layout editor enables you to create high-quality documents to meet the demands of customers.

  3. Enforce Profit Management

    Automate the profit calculation per project considering export expenses. Brings more awareness to the numbers and contribute to expand the profit by profit reference on per invoice unit and product unit.

  4. Collection Management Per Invoice

    Enables collection management per invoice. Supports installment payments, installment rate, and manages accounts-receivable information with foreign currency in detail. Automatically output the difference of in-house rate at the sales and settlement rate at the receipt of money as exchange gain and loss.

Purchase Modules

TOSS Purchase, purchase management system supports both overseas imports and domestic buying-in. Total support from receiving orders to buying-in and payment. Improves profitability of the company by enforcing cost management.

Do you have these problems?

  • Difficult to see the accurate import costs, including import expenses.
  • Too many divided buy-ins to manage the order balance. Cannot see the deadline.
  • Operation is overlapping. The trading department manages the import record with Excel and then, inputting purchase costs converted in Japanese yen to the basic system is required.
  • Unable to calculate the gross profit at the time of order and actual sales become below costs.
  • Imperfect trace management from order to buy-in.

TOSS Purchase can solve all of these problems.

  1. Calculates Accurate Import Cost and Contributes to Profit Expansion.

    Automatically calculates the cost with expenses by registering the import expenses. Import expenses can be directly imported from the expense data (csv etc.) received from forwarders.

  2. Clarify the Complicated Purchase Schedule

    Manage the purchase schedule based on the order information. This function can be widely utilized for reminding late delivery or notice arrival schedule to each salesman.

  3. Purchase Ledger Management

    Outputs a purchase ledger covering all the information regarding import project. Shows the projected profit at the time of order and contribute to accurate calculation of unit price.

Inventory Modules

Inventory management system capable of managing per purchase lot. The system can manage the cost variation followed by the exchange rate, unique to the trading business.

Do you have these problems?

  • Difficult to manage inventory per import lot.
  • Inventory unit price uses standard cost and unable to reflect import cost.
  • Cannot see ship inventory or overseas warehouse inventory.
  • Trading Division is stocking and needs to be managed separately from the entire company inventory management.

TOSS Inventory can solve all of these problems.

  1. Inventory Management from Various Angles

    Summarizing in various categories such as totalization of each product, totalization of each warehouse, inventory totalization of each person in charge and totalization of each division. Totalization of retaining stock and product receipt and payment book are available as well.

  2. Inventory Management Per Lot

    Lot control including traceability is a crucial task. Saving the import price per each lot leads to precise inventory evaluation and accurate inventory management.

  3. Automatic Inventory Allocation Function

    Includes a function to reserve on the stock when receiving the order. Automatically allocate only for the stocks of the products in short when warehousing. Automatically allocated at the time of actual shipping, relieves the workload of system input for the input person in charge.

  4. Manage Multiple Warehouse

    Supports inventory management per warehouses including the company warehouses and shipping brokers warehouses. Operating TOSS at overseas bases enables managing overseas inventory as well. Capable of operating as ship inventory.

  5. Supports Triangular Trade

    Manage triangular trade, from the overseas vendor to overseas customer. Purchase (import) with Purchase Modules to sales (export) with Sales Modules Enabled the triangular trade by data linking via Inventory Modules.

Other Functions

  1. Attach Documents to E-mails

    Attach documents including invoices or purchase orders to an e-mail. Send the e-mail to all the designated persons in charge for each customer or vendor.

  2. Approval Function

    Trading system is required to correspond as the internal control is reinforced. TOSS offers an approval function and displays DRAFT on documents of unapproved projects. Contributes to the restraint of trade of unapproved projects.

  3. Enforce Authority Management

    Limit the user system range by input ID used at TOSS system login. Various authority settings such as the person in charge at the overseas base, person in charge in the office, person in charge of authorization and person in charge of the system.

  4. Support Security Trade Control

    Information management including list control with product master, catch-all controls, classification No., etc. Manages the delivery history of relevant goods per each destination by combining with data browser.

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