A rapid process of permission information acquisition by directly connect the customs declaration data regarding export/import to NACCS center in real-time (SMTP bi-direction communication). Innovative software with extremely inexpensive introduction cost, the whole industry takes notice today

Function Features

Speedup the Customs Declaration Operation

  • No need to transfer declaration data to netNACCS, by direct connection to NACCS
  • No need to transfer declaration data to the special interactive connection device
  • TOSS-CUSTOM/D side can correct and input for quick redeclaration, in case of receiving declaration error from NACCS
  • Automatically feedback the correction to the TOSS-CUSTOM/D side
  • Prevent the declaration error for the next time
  • The real-time data connection thoroughly shorten the update waiting time
  • The more powerful is TOSS-NA/MA, the more declaration

Speedup the Customs Permission Submission to the Shippers

Speedup the series of customs operation, from the automatic calculation of the declared amount to receiving permission and submitting permission form, by combining with TOSS-CUSTOM/D. TOSS-NA/MA will improve your service to the shippers.

Speedup the Information Sharing

Share information about operation process management such as permission status between parties, and seamlessly connect to the next action by combining the TOSS-CUSTOM/ system, TOSS-LOGIWORKS, and TOSS-LOGIPORT.

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