Now, operation systems are shifting towards JAVA. We certainly recommend JAVA TOSS for its expandability and maintainability.

Supports multi-language.

TOSS-JAVA supports not only Japanese but also English and Chinese for English and Chinese speakers.

Supports multi-currency

TOSS-JAVA includes 50 currency such as ¥, $, RMB available to set. You can register its rates per-month to utilize for the internal rate settings.

Adopted the flexible input style.

Flexible input is essential to export/import document creation. Which means you can freely insert and delete of lines at the merchandise details input screen. Outstanding usability by matching the actual input screen with the output image. Output Sales Note, Purchase Order, Invoice and etc., on PDF.

Speedup the input time.

Made a major decrease of input time by registering merchandise, customers and suppliers and all the other items required to input frequently such as payment conditions, unit price, text, destination and official price to the master file.

Complete JAVA version

TOSS-JAVA is developed in JAVA. The system has a high value as a software asset since it is developed in one of the most promising programming languages.

Function List

Category Description
Master Registration
  • Customer Registration
  • Delivery Destination Registration
  • Unit Registration
  • Merchandise Registration
  • Currency Registration
  • Merchandise Group Registration
  • Official Price Registration
  • Contact Registration
  • Packing Registration
  • Expense Item Registration
  • Department Registration
  • Destination Registration
  • Payment Condition Registration
  • Text Registration
Occasional Processing
  • Estimate Input
  • Receiving Order Input
  • Placing Order Input
  • Purchase Input
  • Sales Input
  • L/C Input
  • L/C Withdrawal Process
  • Previous Received Amount Input
  • Deposit Input
  • Payment Input
  • Expense Input
  • Base Cost Confirmation Process
  • Purchase Appropriation Process
  • Sales Appropriation Process
  • Loading Schedule Input
  • Approval Process
Export Document
  • Quotation
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Order Form
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Shipping Instruction
  • Shipping Advice
  • Origin Certification
  • Letter
  • Draft Input
  • Foreign Remittance
Management Ledger
  • Estimate Results List
  • Receiving Order Results List
  • Receiving Order Details List
  • Receiving Order Balance List
  • Placing Order Balance List
  • Placing Order Results List
  • Placing Order Details List
  • Purchase Results List
  • Purchase Details List
  • Purchase Schedule List
  • Sales Results List
  • Sales Details List
  • Loading Schedule List
  • Sales Appropriation List
  • Deposit Status List
  • Deposit Details List
  • Payment Status List
  • Payment Details List
  • Previous Received Amount List
  • Export Forex Difference List
  • Credit Balance List
  • Import Forex Difference List
  • Profit List
  • Import Ledger
  • Statement
  • System Settings
  • Letter Head Settings
  • Internal Registration (English)
  • Master Data Acquisition
  • Receiving Order Data Acquisition
  • Placing Order Data Acquisition
  • Sales Data Acquisition
  • Format Settings

Major Specification

Merchandise code 20 digits
Merchandise Name Count 34 Characters*4 column (half-width)
Customer code 20 digits
Customer Name Count 50 Characters (half-width)
Supplier code 20 digits
Supplier Name Count 50 Characters (half-width)
Sales Contract No. 20 digits
Purchase Order No. 20 digits
Invoice No. 20 digits
Packing List No. 20 digits

Merchandise Master and Input Screen

Input basic data such as merchandise name, unit cost, purchase price, unit, N/W, G/W, M3. Available of price settings on each buyer. Input up to 20 digits for the merchandise code.

Purchase Order Input Screen

Minimize the input efforts by auto call-in the placing order data from the receiving order data. Automatically call-in the purchase price of the merchandise master for the price.

Invoice Header Input Screen

Shorten the input time by auto call-in most of the data from the master data. New input and data correction in the same screen.

Supplier Master and Input Screen

The supplier registers the domestic manufacturer for export, foreign supplier for import. Easy to create the order form and P/O. Register on the same screen.

Invoice Merchandise Input Detail Screen

Detail input screen allows you a flexible input same as the conventional TOSS. Auto-output the CIF price with addition of sea freight and marine insurance fee. Auto calculates the line total and the column total of the merchandise.

Management Ledger

Output the management ledger to Excel to make search and change easy. Excel output is available for all the statistical data such as export record, import record, placing order remainder management, and receiving order remainder management, which gives complete control for the secondary work.

Operating Environment and Required Software

DB Server AP&Web Server Client
CPU Pentium4 2GHz or more recommended Pentium4 2GHz or higher recommended Pentium4 1GHz or higher recommended
Memory 1G or higher recommended 1G or higher recommended
HDD 4GB or higher 1GB or higher
Memory 1G or higher recommended 1G or higher recommended
OS Windows2003 Server or higher Windows2003 Server or higher
Oracle9i or higher
  • Oracle Client
  • Apache
  • Tomcat
  • Internet Explorer6 or higher
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Excel2000 or higher

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