After the acquisition of invoice data, automatically sort large amount, small amount, tax number unit and automatically calculate customs duty and consumption tax. HS code can be specified from the past data. Automatically create EDA and IDA data and PDF output of the permits from the NACCS link.

Function Features

Customs Duty and Consumption Tax Automatic Calculation

  • Automatically calculate customs duty and consumption tax with the invoice acquisition function from the shipper.
  • Reduce the burden of custom operations contact by autodetecting the formula.

Better Service for the Shippers

Offer base cost management information to shippers with the distribution of customs duty and consumption tax to invoice details.

Reduce HS Code Acquisition Cost

Reduce cost regarding master construction of the export/import HS code by using the data we provide. Japan Tariff Association data is applicable if you own one.

Substantial Internal Control Function

Output and store the calculation basis or the breakdown of the declaration amount as the combined detail. Supports post-project survey and AEO authorization acquisition. (Record of adopted by AEO authorized custom brokers)

Improving Quality While Reducing Burden

  • Use the transaction time, article name as the keyword to search the HS code accurately and speedy from the past records. (search available on other locations)
    The more powerful is TOSS-CUSTOM/D, the more handling articles you have and the more you use it.
  • Central control the declaration number, permission status, permission form output on each invoice.
  • Supports NACCS link. Permission status acquisition from EDA and IDA data creation and NACCS.

Speedup the Customs Declaration Operation

Propagate the series of customs operation, from the automatic calculation of the declared amount to receiving permission and submitting permission form, faster by combining with NACCS direct link gateway system, TOSS-NA/MA.

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