TOSS on Cloud

From ¥39,800/month
Only monthly fee is required and reduce the initial fee.
  • From ¥39,800/month
  • Cloud Service

(The license of this cloud service is limited to Max. 20 simultaneous connection.)

4 Features of TOSS on Cloud

Fast Introduction

You can use TOSS-CLOUD+ as long as you have an internet environment. Start small and expand the system environment flexibly to fit your business. Minimum 3 days to use after application.

Low Cost

Servers or equipment, software, a database system for a network environment are not required. We can prepare an environment best for your business size. Reduce your system introduction cost.


Security is centralized managed at the data center. Takes shorter time to restore when the system happens to freeze.

  • Antivirus (Sophos)
  • SSL setting (Transmit and receive encrypted data)

Safety Support

Full support for backups and disaster countermeasures.

  • Backups (daily)
  • Separate storage of backup data
  • Regular server reboot
  • Windows Update
  • Server monitor
  • Primary Troubleshooting (Reboot)


  1. As long as you have a web browsing environment, you can use the TOSS functions provided from the data center without owning IT assets such as hardware or software.
  2. The latest security environment, including SSL encrypting, protects your valuable data from hacking.
  3. Data center automatically backup regularly preparing for accidents or natural disasters without saving data at your company.
  1. IP address filter with the firewall.
  2. SSL Certification (Encrypted transmission by SSL).
  3. Virus check software (Sophos).
  4. Monitoring the database system including OS, IIS, and disk free space.

Procedures to introduce the system introduction

From the contract to connection

System Inquiry
  • Select the type and mail new application form.
  • Salesman will visit when meetings or customization is needed and give a quotation corresponding to the requirements.
  • Fill-in and seal when the request of deposit account transfer is delivered and mail it to the Cloud Business Division below.
  • Construct the environment several days after the document arrives.
Opening Preparation
  • After the procedure, we will contact you regarding the opening day.
  • We will ask you to manage the data for master initial settings.
  • Contact the Login URL, ID and password.
  • Download the simple startup manual.
Simple Start
  • Input the established URL and connect to TOSS.(Input ID and password)
  • Configurate the initial settings including the company registration.
  • Follow the instruction manual and input.
  • Printout the document after input is finished.

Initial construction fee and monthly fee.

Type Initial
Construction Fee
Basic Charge Additional
License Fee
Export ver.
(With 1 User License)
(excluding tax)
(excluding tax)
(excluding tax)
Import ver.
(With 1 User License)
(excluding tax)
(excluding tax)
(excluding tax)
Full Pack ver.
(With 1 User License)
(excluding tax)
(excluding tax)
(excluding tax)

TOSS-CLOUD+ includes 1 user license.
Monthly fee = Basic Charge + (Additional license × Connection Qty.)
Terms of the contract can be modified in the middle of the contract per month.

Monthly fee is daily calculated from the day of start.
The shortest period of use is half a year.
Thereafter the contract will be renewed automatically.
When the contract is canceled after half a year, the 25th of two months after receiving the designated cancellation application form.

Select from 3 types above.


Security Support Pack Export and Import ver. Full Pack ver.
Initial Introduction Explanation Fee (Master Shifting Support) *1 ¥150,000 (excluding tax) ¥250,000 (excluding tax)
System Maintenance Support Fee (Monthly Payment)*2 ¥10,000/month (excluding tax) ¥13,000/month (excluding tax)
  1. Safety Support Pack Breakdown
    1. System Introduction Explanation Fee (One 3 to 4 hours of operation instruction and visit)
    2. Master Shifting Support Fee (One EXCEL and Master Shifting template data verification)

    Areas other than Kanto metropolitan area, Nagoya city, Osaka city and Kobe city costs separate traveling expense.

  2. Inquiry support with phone and FAX (Dispatch service costs separate traveling expense)
  3. Inquire us for personal customization (extra fee) if desired.
  • Antivirus
  • SSL setting (Transmit and receive encrypted data)
Operation Management
  • Backups (daily)
  • Separate storage of backup data
  • Regular server reboot
  • Windows Update
  • Server monitor
  • Primary Troubleshooting (Reboot)

Above system environment can be built adjusted for the number of users and business size. We can recommend the environment expansion best for size and purpose. (Separate quotation) Feel free to contact the service counter.

TOSS-CLOUD⁺ Client PC operating environment

Operating Environment Note
OS Microsoft Windows 7 (x86,x64)・Ultimate/Professional/Home Basic/Home Premium
Microsoft Windows 8 (x86,x64)・Pro/Enterprise
Microsoft Windows 10 (x86,x64)・Pro/Home
Web Browser Internet Explorer 8.0 or later Microsoft Edge, Chrome
It does not support other browsers.
Memory 2GB or more
Frame work .Net FrameWork 3.5

Requires internet connection (100Mbps line speed recommended).

Microsoft Excel 2010 or later is required for EXCEL import/export.

Comparison of the company server vs. the cloud service

It is 10 million yen cheaper per year, including Infrastructure Environment Construction Fee and System Management Fee, etc.

Server and network environment construction fee: two million yen System Management Fee 300,000 yen per person/month × 12 months = 3.6 million yen System Introduction Fee 6 million yen

  • Enormous initial cost and running cost.
  • Costs nearly as initial cost every 3 to 5 years for servers or every OS replacements.
  • PKG Introduction enables free updates and cancellation after a year.
  • Capable of environment expansion and updating.

TOSS-CLOUD⁺ Function List

Export ver. Import ver. Full Pack ver. TOSS-CLOUD⁺ Function List

Separate meetings are required for function expansion or customization of the system. Feel free to contact the Cloud Service counter.

Cloud Service Application

Application Form Download

Trial ver. Application Form

Read the TOSS-CLOUD⁺ terms of service, fill the trial ver. application form, seal and send with e-mail or FAX.

User Application From/Contract

Read the TOSS-CLOUD⁺ user policy, fill the user application form, seal and send with e-mail or FAX.

Application of Changes

Fill the form below, seal and send with e-mail or FAX for changes of type or license, etc.

Application of Cancellation

Fill the form below Application of Cancellation, seal and send with e-mail or FAX cancel the TOSS-CLOUD⁺.

Cancellation before the minimum user period costs a penalty (minimum user period fee).

The 25th of two months after receiving the Application of Cancellation.

Terms of Service

Feel free to contact us