TOSS system will definitely operate in schedule whether the package or the customized version.

Trading operations may look different depending on each company. But those are the existing procedure of the company and might include unnecessary work for the trading operation.


TOSS-ASEAN PACK is the specialized TOSS system (TOSS-AI plus TOSS-LOGIWORKS) about trading in Singapore, which combined the automatic creating function of export documents and the progress confirmative function of business process.

By using this system, forwarder and trade operator will be released from the cumbersome work such as the necessary of creating documents for customs clearance and checking about customs declaration status.


Link with ERP system contract (sales management, production management, warehouse management,
distribution management etc.) and shipping data
It automatically generates the various shipping documents needed for the transaction.
With TOSS-AI, you can dramatically reduce the time required to create complex export documents.

You can use the system regardless of the manufacturer, trading company, or logistics company

We provide our 40 years of know-how

Create shipping documents automatically!

Core system and data interface. Create shipping documents automatically!

INVOICE, Packing List, Case mark, Shipping Instruction, Shipping Advice,Certificate of origin,
etc…. You can create the necessary documents for shipping.


  1. Visualize the progress of each business process distribution.

    Based on the contract management number, you can know the progress of the process in real time. (Automatic update function) The work process can be freely set by group, work content, display / nondisplay, etc. (with itemized authority function)
  2. Information is shared between departments and group companies.

    By reducing communication errors such as placement and orientation between paper and email, you can systematically drive your business process.
    If the planned date is approaching or passing, it will be color coded yellow or red to warn you.
  3. Situations can be checked at various angles by setting search conditions.

    You can manage tasks from work content, department / person in charge, work date, etc. by extraction condition (string and date).
    Also, the search results are output to EXCEL.
  4. Work with document management DOCU-SAVE

    The shipper's INVOICE / PACKING LIST, various order documents such as packing, B / L, AWB, declaration permit, etc. can be stored easily. If you output the QR code with a multifunction machine, you can save it in a document management database. By specifying extraction conditions, document information linked to the conditions can be extracted instantly.