NEWS 230222

BINAL has formed a business partnership with Trames, which has a large market share in ship tracking systems.

BINAL Asia Pacific (SG). Pte. Ltd. has formed a business alliance with Trames Private Limited (HQ: Singapore, CEO: Ivan Seow, hereinafter Trames), which develops Freight Management systems, to expand the use of Ship Tracking Systems.

When transporting by sea, the initial schedule often changes due to cargo ship delays and ETD/ETA changes. For this reason, it is very important to grasp the operation schedule quickly and accurately, leading to increased expectations for ship tracking systems.

The ship tracking system provided by Trames has excellent practicality due to its wide tracking range, which also supports land transportation, as well as the large number of shipping companies that can be tracked.
It already boasts many achievements, mainly in Asia. By linking this Ship Tracking System with TOSS, users can check the operation schedule of sea cargo simply by accessing TOSS, increasing the efficiency of international logistics operations and the stabilization of the supply chain.

BINAL will continue to provide solutions to solve problems in international logistics operations, and contribute to the improvement of operational efficiency and competitiveness of customers.

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