NEWS 200121

BINAL Asia Pacific (SG) has been chosen as the providing destination of customs clearance big data in Singapore and is the ONLY Japanese company.

BINAL Asia Pacific (SG) Pte. Ltd. (thereafter BAPS) and the system corporation in Singapore, GeTS Asia Pte Ltd (thereafter GeTS) had concluded with business partnership about inflection of the accumulated data, which is customs clearance information system what GeTS expands.

The alliance is for BAPS to have the right to use BIG DATA for customs clearance in Singapore and its partner countries. So those can say the real accumulation area of trading.
GeTS ‘parent company is a Singapore government company (CrimsonLogic), so it is possible to extract real-time trade data.

GeTS selected BAPS as THE ONLY JAPANESE PARTNER COMPANY because BAPS has deep knowledge about trading and customs clearance. Thanks to this, BAPS has been able to get the enormous customs clearance data, so that it is going to expand several services which along to the customer in Singapore from now on.

BINAL and BAPS is sure to exploit the beneficial system for the customers engaged in trading and customs clearance in the future.

The signing ceremony about concluding with business partnership.
(CEO of BAPS, Aoyama is first from the right)

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